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Why Bad Ass Boxes ? 
We are a 501c3 formed to serve our Special Operations troops deployed in the worst locations around the world. Our packages are not generic at all; they are crafted around each unit, based on their specific needs, wants, and desires. We make each list by establishing a connection with someone at each location.  The list can be updated anytime to keep the men and women as happy as can be with as many American resources as possible.
Like most groups we send the basic staples that every solider would want e.g wet wipes, toothpaste, snacks and the like but we go one step further and send them the bad ass items that other organizations don't typically send e.g. Mountain House dried food, Tuna, Hickory Farms, Thanksgiving dinners, toys such RC cars, trucks, helicopters, legos and more. They can always find a little surprise in each shipment. 
We ensure that our packages serve the entire unit so that no one is left out. Everyone can celebrate the arrival of our packages because they know there is always something for everyone. 
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