I contacted Bad Ass Boxes after seeing a leftover candle in one of our Landcruisers. I looked it up and asked a friend about it. He had used them before and swore by them so I contacted the company on the phone. The president of the company personally answered the phone and walked me through the process. She was very helpful and it was refreshing talking to an individual rather than going through a maze of e-mail chains.

We have received care packages before from other organizations and while nice and caring, they didn’t really cater to the needs or wants of the special operations community. As stated above, BAB spoke with us about what we liked and needed. It was perfect. Instead of the usual items like candy, broken cookies and retired DVDs, BAB sent us exactly what we wanted and needed (Mountain Houses, Gu packets, et al.). Most of the time care packages are left in an area for people to grab stuff and they remain there for months and weeks at a time. Or they get shipped to a unit and the support staff rips them open before the operators get a chance to look through the goods. Bad Ass Boxes worked directly with the operators and made sure that we got what was sent.

Every time a BAB showed up, they were torn apart and everything was used and fast! People started asking me when the next shipment was coming in. I cannot recommend BAB enough to other SOF members. They were extremely friendly and really know what guys like us want while we were deployed.