Most of the guys in my platoon were on at least their 3rd deployment, some on their 5th or 6th, so there was a good amount of experience on what to expect, comfort-wise, and a certain level of acceptance for the living conditions for where we were. Once we got on-site, I got the turnover from the previous platoon and a contact number for Bad Ass Boxes was part of it. I was thinking it was just going to be another run of the mill care package company. I could NOT  have been more wrong. The boxes had everything we needed AND wanted, and nothing we didn’t. Having communication with someone before packages are built and sent is a huge difference between this company and any others. Morale can get pretty low when the work slows down during the holiday season, but Bad Ass Boxes made a huge difference this time. On any of my other deployments, I’ve never seen the morale any higher than this one. Keep it up, the fellas downrange appreciate it!!